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Visual Research on Gentrification in CdMX

I have started a series on gentrification in Mexico city, It's like a visual research on its impact, root causes and its context; a journey that I am not sure where its going to take me but is starting by paying homage to buildings that are frontiers in this fight for justice. To me the main players of gentrification are the global real estate industry and law deregulations.  Having said that, we as citizens still play a big role too. Especially we as immigrants ( if you call yourself "expat" please unfollow me) need to learn about gentrification and make this fight a priority in our daily life. This visual research is my way of learning as a painter ...

I started Working on Gentrification in CdMx after moving to this city. What else I could work on? Every other topic felt like shying away from addressing big elephant in the room.

To give context, I am originally from Iran, lived in U.S. for 15 years but I always hated what it stands for. I also cant go back home ( Iran). 

With these projects I am learning how to be a responsible guest in this beautiful city. And my hope is to not be a problem but be part of the solution for this place that feels very much like home.

At the moment I am working with different activist groups, lawyers and families directly impacted by displacement and gentrification including 06600 activist group focusing on gentrification in Juarez neighborhood in Mexico city

Here are some books I recently have read about gentrification that are super helpful:

Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State

Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies

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