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in October 2023 , NewCube and I parted away as I have become more interested in exploring street as site ( Recuerdes de Aqui project)




As of sometime in 2022, I sell mywork through Newcube and others but I give my portion of money to community building organizations such as Planned Parenthood


As of Oct 28, 2019 I like my day job.

To Give You More Context... (Oct 18, 2017)

I studied art and got my MFA degree in Painting from one of top three, if not the best art school (by art market standards- No other standard is available, unfortunately), in the United States. I was represented by a gallery immediately after graduating, and later on when the gallery got sold to a douchebag, I guess I was still doing relatively fine as an emerging artist (adjuncting, selling artworks, attending art residencies, schmoozing at openings, etc). While trying to figure out how to succeed in the art world (market), I noticed I have gradually lost my connection with my own art because it had became my career. It became more of a duty than a pleasurable escape from this world. In addition I really didn't, and still don't, like/respect art people (80% of the time) so it was really a pain socializing and trying to make "connections." 

Having all these issues, I stopped making art works. I promised myself that I will go back to drawing only when I can afford it on my own with no need to live off of them. Three years later my wish has become a reality, thanks to my office-job (it is not as glamorous as you may think --it is basically 40+ hrs of office work and mining data, but it pays the bills. Sort of). Now I draw on Sundays under one condition: not gaining monetary profit out of them.

Having said all of that, as an artist (whatever that means) I still like showing art and seeing it on people's walls, and that's how the idea of this website started out.

If you like any of the available drawings, check "works" landing page and we can take it from there


P.S. I should add that the idea of not selling art work is a very personal decision and I don't think I have any spiritual superiority to any artist selling work. As long as we are paying a fortune to lawyers, doctors, bankers, etc., artists should be able to get a share too.



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