Recuerdos De Aquí

Finally on 4.24.22 I dared to do this idea of mine after 4 years of mingling with it. Not sure why it took me so long or why this simple act of hanging a painting in the street was/is so scary to me. 


Idea is simple, these are drawings of things that have actually happened in a place, hung right where it happened. Starting point of this idea was realizing how much objects stay with you longer than people; I am sure that shirt, that book, that lighter, that necklace, that once someone gave you is still somewhere in your house, while that person, that lover, that friend, that random acquaintance is long gone in your past and thats whats so weird about objects.


Then it became about the places where things happen, that park, that bagelshop, that burger place and the city itself. Not sure how this project evolves from here but I am happy finally I overcame one of my biggest fears.

Recuerdos de Aqui ( Records of Here) #1 | Medium: Acrylic on canvas on the city | 04.24.22 | Mexico City Coyoacan