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Gentrification in Mexico City

I started Working on Gentrification in CdMx after moving to this city. What else I could work on? Every other topic felt like shying away from addressing the big elephant in the room.

To give context, I am originally from Iran, lived in U.S. for 15 years but I always hated what it stands for but I was always stuck in it. I either didnt have enough money to move and when I had stable job I had to go to office. yes, pandemic became my resue when my job became remote. Finally I could get out of U.S. without risking everything. At the same time I cant go back home ( Iran).  So I ended up choosing Mexico city.  But here when I arrived I realized how much we as foreigners are adding to the problem of gentrification.  I do think main players are real estate and government deregulations but I couldnt stop thinking about what we as foreigners are doing to this city by not caring about our impact and playing the game of real estates and the government.

These projects are my way of learning how to be a responsible guest in this beautiful city. By doing so, my hope is to not be a problem but be part of the solution for this place that feels very much like home, both as an artist and as a citizen in daily life.

Projects under this tab is my attempt to explore, learn and address the topic

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