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Site Specific Drawings

The idea for these site specific drawings happened over a coffeeshop chat with a friend that I am not sure likes to be named or no 

Site-Specific Drawing #1 | 3* 4”X6”| Gouache | 9.30.2019

+The first one of these series is a drawing from workers/owners of Hawthorne hardware store, made for their store. Nick, Mike and Winston are 3 friends running the hardware store. One is always behind the counter. The other one is always sitting on a chair looking at the first one, ready to help. The third one is the soul of the store, for real.

+The store is located at cross streets of Hawthorne and Flatbush in Brooklyn, they all helped me find free wood crates for the coffee table I built many years ago.

Site-Specific Drawing #2 | 2* 4”X6”| Gouache | 11.28.2020

This is Cafe paulette in New York, Brooklyn; our usual spot with some friends especially in covid era. Lionel is the owner of the restaurant. You can usually find him sitting at his usual table with a glass of wine making sure everything is running smoothly. Julien is the chef for the wine-bar portion of the business. Behind the scenes he is the mastermind of yummy cheese plates. These drawings are tributes to them, given to them as a gift.

Site-Specific Drawing #3 | 6”X8”| Gouache | 4.30.2021

Maede and Sina work together making Thought Bags. I have never seen them in person but I am lucky to have this drawing of them working together, hung next to the their work station. To learn more about their project

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